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Banner Saga 2 - Soundtrack

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Banner Saga 2750

Об игре

Composer Austin Wintory builds on his BAFTA-nominated score to The Banner Saga with yet another large and dramatic orchestral wind ensemble approach, performed by the Colorado Symphony. The score again features YouTube stars Taylor Davis, Malukah and Peter Hollens, and introduces a new group, the brilliant Icelandic band Árstíðir.

Track List
01 An Oath, Until The End
02 The World is Breaking
03 Faces to the Wind
04 Minds like Streams and Streams like Minds
05 A Path through the Skies
06 Under the Black Banner
07 Only Snow can Shield the Sun
08 Blades Yearn for Courageous Blood
09 Promises of Sanctuary
10 The Endlessly Grasping Bogs
11 Descended from Fire
12 Dragons in the Mud
13 Deep into the Rocks
14 Even the Trees can Smell your Blood
15 To the Skies
16 Children of the Fallen
17 Broken Shells
18 From the Shouting Rocks, His Eyes finally Opened
19 Paths Part
20 The Twilight Flight
21 With Eyes to the Endless Sun
22 Walls like Mountains
23 More Stars Tonight than Last Night
24 Threads Unweave
25 Our Steps, To the Night

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18 апреля 2016




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