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Battle Chasers: Nightwar Digital Extras

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar899

Об игре

The digital Extras of Battle Chasers: Nightwar contain a PDF artbook and a soundtrack compilation in FLAC and mp3 formats.

The artbook features more than 40 pages of beautiful art created by award winning comic book artist Joe Madureira and his team at Airship Syndicate. Get a behind the scenes look on how your favorite art was crafted and put together.

The soundtrack features 27 atmospheric tracks by Clark Powell and Jesper Kyd in FLAC and mp3 formats. Enjoy the tunes of Battle Chasers: Nightwar now on your favorite music consumption method.

01 Battle Chasers Theme (tweaked the mix)
02 The Beginning
03 Smugglers & Thieves
04 Surprise Round
05 Dreaming of Crits
06 Avatar of Fear
07 When the Smoke Clears
08 Between Space & Time
09 Opening Cinematic
10 Loftbuckler
11 Mana Surge
12 A Hidden Dagger
13 Mud & Lead, Blood Red
14 Do Wargolems Dream of Magitech Sheep
15 A Matter of Time
16 Williams Memory
17 Awe
18 Hearts Beating like Drums
19 Into Darkness
20 Campfire
21 Full Moon
22 Inner Strength
23 Nights Curse
24 In Harm's Way
25 Sunrise
26 Journey’s End
27 Thieves and Smugglers (Air Pirate Mix)

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Дата релиза

2 октября 2017


Airship Syndicate


THQ Nordic GmbH


Аудио и текст: English

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