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Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Official Soundtrack

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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition419

Об игре

Composer Jeremy Soule

Let the original score for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, composed by Jeremy Soule, transport you to the snowy peaks of the Spine of the World. All 51 tracks are provided in both MP3 and losless FLAC format for your listening pleasure. Total Length: 64 min, 37 sec

Track List

  1. The Tale of Icewind Dale (Movie 1)
  2. Icewind Dale Theme
  3. Easthaven in Peace
  4. Hrothgar's Home
  5. Temple of Tempus
  6. The Lost Caravan
  7. Drums of the Dead
  8. Avalanche at the Pass (Movie 2)
  9. Kuldahar Theme
  10. Arundel's Home
  11. Vale of Shadows
  12. Lysan's Lair
  13. Kresselack's Tomb
  14. Kresselack's Lair
  15. Temple of the Forgotten God Entrance
  16. Temple of the Forgotten God Interior
  17. Heartstone Shrine
  18. The Dragon's Eye
  19. Yxunomei's Lair
  20. Severed Hand Entrance
  21. Severed Hand Interior
  22. The Mage Tower
  23. Larrel's Daughter
  24. Larrel's Astrolab
  25. The Heartstone Gem (Movie 3)
  26. Upper Dorn's Deep Entrance
  27. Upper Dorn's Deep Interior
  28. Drow and Orog Gate
  29. Umber Hulk Labyrinth
  30. Wyrm's Tooth Entrance
  31. Aquarium of Alkonos
  32. Frost Giant Cave
  33. Lower Dorn's Deep
  34. Svirfneblin Refugee Camp
  35. Marketh's Palace
  36. Artisan's District
  37. The Fallen Temple
  38. Belhifet's Doom
  39. Return to Easthaven (Movie 4)
  40. Easthaven in Pieces
  41. Success! (Movie 5)
  42. Bonus Track
  43. Bonus Track
  44. Bonus Track
  45. Bonus Track
  46. Bonus Track
  47. Bonus Track
  48. Bonus Track
  49. Bonus Track
  50. Bonus Track
  51. Bonus Track
Bonus Heart of Winter Tracks (MP3 Only)
  1. HOW - More Trials Await
  2. HOW - Visions of Hjollder (Intro Movie)
  3. HOW - The Town of Lonelywood
  4. HOW - The Shrine of Waukeen
  5. HOW - Barbarian Battle
  6. HOW - Uthgardt Camp
  7. HOW - King Wylfdene
  8. HOW - Burial Isle
  9. HOW - Tormented Spirits of The Barrows
  10. HOW - The Edge of The Gloomfrost
  11. HOW - The Remorhaz Tunnels
  12. HOW - The Flowing Caves
  13. HOW - The Seer Speaks
  14. HOW - Icasaracht's Lair
  15. HOW - The Sea of Moving Ice
  16. HOW - Dragon Battle
  17. HOW - Heart of Winter
  18. HOW - Expansion Credits

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Дата релиза

22 июня 2016






Аудио и текст: English

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