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Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth - Soundtrack

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Об игре

‘The Pillars of the Earth’ tells the story about the construction of a cathedral in 12th century England – an almost impossible undertaking in a time of war and great despair. Conspiracies and political intrigue endanger the lives of Aliena the noblewoman, Jack the outlaw-turned-mason, Philip the monk and their hometown of Kingsbridge. Will faith and love prevail in the face of violent attacks, ruthless kings and greedy bishops?

The soundtrack, composed by Tilo Alpermann, reflects these themes: darkness and violence, longing and loss, faith and passion. Tilo Alpermann’s composition wonderfully orchestrated by the FilmHarmonic Orchestra in Prague is a piece of art retelling the story of 'The Pillars of the Earth' without words and visuals. A wonderful achievement.


  1. The Pillars of the Earth - Main Theme
  2. The Lark in the Hunter's Net
  3. Philip of Gwynedd
  4. Bishop Waleran
  5. Philip of Gwynedd (Resonemus Hoc Natali)
  6. Kingsbridge Cathedral
  7. A cold Winter's Tale
  8. The Choir of Kingsbridge (Veri Floris sub Figura)
  9. They say the Devil has come to Kingsbridge
  10. Milius and Cuthbert
  11. Subprior Remigius
  12. A Boy called Jack
  13. The Roads of Shiring
  14. God thunders wondrously with his Voice
  15. King Stephen and Empress Maude
  16. Meeting the Princess
  17. Richard's Torment
  18. William Hamleigh close on our heels
  19. The Song of Winchester
  20. Father, what have they done to you
  21. Lady Aliena of Shiring
  22. Tom Builder's family
  23. Kingsbridge Cathedral shall be rebuild
  24. A Man called Jack
  25. He loves You
  26. The Market
  27. Memories of the Jongleur
  28. Hell
  29. He that committeth Sin (Choir)
  30. Bishop Waleran's Wrath
  31. The Roads of Shiring Reprise
  32. Where can we go from here?
  33. The Way of St. James
  34. Foreign Miracles
  35. The Song of Toledo
  36. The Choir of St. Denis
  37. We came to see you, Jack - Love Theme
  38. The Trial
  39. Taking back Earlscastle
  40. The Monk, the Lady and the Bastard
  41. Rest now, Tom
  42. Philip of Gwynedd (12th century version)
  43. The Lark in the Hunter's Net (Ellen's version)

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14 августа 2017


Daedalic Entertainment


Daedalic Entertainment


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