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MegaRace 1+2

Megarace 1 & 2 in-game soundtrack
Без DRM.Не требует интернет-подключения или активации.
Гарантия возврата денег.Покрывает 30 дней после покупки.
Об игре

You know those punk highway gangs, the ones who really think they rule the road? You just hate them, don't you?
So you say, 'Somebody ought to do something about them criminal highway gangs!'
And we says, 'Oh yeah?! Well, why don't YOU do something, mister big-mouth!'.
You don't have the car?
We'll give you the car!
You don't want to get arrested for taking the law into your own hands?
Not a problem! You know why? Because it AIN'T REAL!
It's a whole lot better than real, baby! It's virtual television: reality's worst nightmare!Aggressive, high-velocity, futuristic racing
Breathtaking visuals for their time, achieved by using prerendered video sequences
Sometimes witty, sometimes just plain cheap commentaries by the memorable Lance Boyle

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Windows + Mac

Дата релиза

28 марта 1994


Cryo Interactive


Anuman Interactive


Аудио и текст: English


ESRB Рейтинг: Everyone