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Incredible Machine Mega Pack, The

soundtrack, manual (37 pages)
Без DRM.Не требует интернет-подключения или активации.
Гарантия возврата денег.Покрывает 30 дней после покупки.
Об игре

Do you remember watching with amazement when those cartoon heroes constructed machines to catch someone or start something?
Those very complicated Rube Goldberg-like ones with knives, toasters, anvils etc?
Or did you ever wonder how it would feel to construct a mouse-powered device to cook some eggs and launch a rocket?

Well, the answer is here!
Build monkey or mouse-powered machines, use lasers and fire fireworks, start fires using a bowling ball and flint, throw things with anti gravity platforms or a jack-in-the-box or crack open an aquarium with a cat, mouse, alligator, cannon, cheese and more!Includes Even More Incredible Machine, The Incredible Machine 3 (contains all levels from The Incredible Machine 2), Contraptions and Even More Contraptions
Solve wacky puzzles with even more wacky solutions, using absolutely crazy contraptions
Countless challenges to keep you busy for many days to come

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Дата релиза

14 сентября 2001






Аудио и текст: English